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How software interacts with the hardware

Software is written in high level language. This high level language called as programming language is readable by humans but is not understandable by computers because computers understand only the code written in binary system that is using only 0 and 1 (that usually means voltage on and off).

Thus the source code is converted into the machine code with the help of compilers or interpreters.

The basic concept of interaction between software and hardware is given below

  1. Software is written in source code.
  2. Source code is converted into Machine code (binary system – 0 and 1) with the help of interpreter or compiler.
  3. This machine code is used by OS (Operating system) to regulate voltage across the circuits in the hardware and by using logic gates, the OS with the help of device drivers interacts and controls the hardware in the computer.

How user interacts with the hardware

Ever noticed how you can easily control your printer, speakers or any other hardware attached to your computer with just few clicks?

Well if described briefly the interaction of user with the hardware in a computer is described by the following flow chart


How operating system interacts with user and hardware

The operating system acts as an intermediary between programs and the computer hardware. A user sends information to the device drivers through the user interface applications which interact with OS and device drivers. Device drivers are created by the hardware manufacturing companies. These drivers are designed according to the structure and functioning of the hardware they are associated with. This process allows software developers to make high end applications without worrying about structure and functioning of different hardware their apps are going to run on.


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