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Will increasing the amount of RAM make your computer faster

Adding RAM to your computer is the simplest upgrade of any hardware you can do. But the question is that will adding more RAM to your computer increase its speed?

The answer is very simple if you understand the working of a RAM. Adding more RAM to your computer will make your computer run smoother and a bit faster. But this happens to a certain point only.

When a program is initialized on a computer. The data related to that software program is copied into the RAM from main hard drive. RAM now contains the data related to this particular software and the operating system. When you open a new software without closing the previous one, this new software too occupies space on the RAM.

When RAM is completely filled, the operating system starts swapping data in and out of the RAM according to the requirement. This process is very useful but it makes system slower because swapping data between RAM and hard drive is a slower process and uses system resources too.

Now comes the question…Does increasing RAM will make your computer faster?

At this point when your RAM is completely filled and you are using a lots of high tech softwares, adding up RAM will definitely make your computer run smoother and will also increase computer’s speed a little bit.

However, increasing RAM beyond the need of your computer will not cause any increase in the speed.

This makes the sense, but how? Read below!

Your system needs an amount of RAM to make data available to the CPU. Increasing the amount of RAM will stop the swapping process this will make your system run smoother. But on increasing your computer’s RAM size further will not cause any increase in speed because this is just a memory. Based on the software you use on your computer, it needs a certain amount of space on RAM, when you provide enough space your system will run smoother, because now the operating system doesn’t need to swap the data.

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For example

If your computer needs 4GB RAM but you have only 2GB, your computer system will work slower. But if you increase your computer’s RAM to 4GB this will make your computer run smoother and a bit faster. Here comes the main point! If you are increasing RAM more than 4GB but your system needs only 4GB and you increase your RAM to 8GB from 4GB, this will not increase computer’s speed.

However, Keeping your RAM greater than what is needed by your computer will be helpful in the future because of increasing complexity, quality and functioning of apps in the future updates, you will definitely need some more RAM.


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