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How to Reset your BIOS – Simplest and quickest way to reset your BIOS

This article teaches you about the simplest and the quickest way to reset your windows computer BIOS (Basic input/output System). You can also learn about BIOS here. To reset your computer’s BIOS to the factory settings follow these simple steps. Simplest and the quickest way to reset windows computer’s BIOS. The setup for BIOS can be accessed when your computer just starts before loading the operating system.

Step 1

  • Turn on your computer.
  • If it’s already turned on, Restart your computer.

Step 2

Wait for the startup screen to appear at first. Now you will have to press the setup key, Note that you will have a very limited period of time to do this step. It is recommended that you start pressing the setup key as soon as you start your computer to avoid the limited time period, because, if you are late to press the setup key then you will have to restart the computer again to do this step.

Step 3

  • Start pressing the setup key repeatedly until you enter the BIOS setup.
  • Setup key is usually ‘Del’ or F8 or F10. But if that won’t work you can try pressing F2.
  • Wait for the BIOS setup to load.

Step 4

When the BIOS setup is loaded, Find for the following option in the setup by navigating with the help of arrow keys on your keyboard. Different BIOS give different options to reset your BIOS, however the option will only be related to the following terms.

  • Reset to Default
  • Reset to factory settings
  • Factory Defaults
  • Load Setup Defaults
  • Restore Defaults


Step 5

  • Choose the option related to above terms with the help of navigation keys.
  • Press Enter and save the settings, the save option will be available with the process of exiting BIOS. Choose Yes and exit the BIOS.

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