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How to find Wi-Fi password in windows pc when you forget it

This techinfoabout will provide you the ways to find the password of your WiFi, when you forgot the password. Finding the password of your wife connection is very easy task, this could be easily done by using the following methods.

Method 1

Step 1

  • Connect your windows computer through the WiFi network you want to know the password. This can be done with the help oh WPS.
  • Many WiFi come with a feature called as WPS. This feature allows the us ER to connect to WiFi without the requirement of the password. Press the WPS button and connect your computer.

Remember that your computer should be connected through the Wi-Fi, not the ethernet.

Step 2

  • Now go to the Control panel. Click on network connections. Then find the current WiFi network connected.

Step 3

  • Right click on this Wi-Fi and click status.

Step 4

  • A new window containing details of the current wifi will open. Click on Wireless settings.

Step 5

  • This will open the wireless settings, in this panel open security tab.
  • This security tab contain your password and other login details.
  • Below the network security key, Click on show password/ show character. This network security key is your password.

Method 2

In this method you need to connect wifi modem or router through ethernet wire to your computer. Then follow the steps given below.

Step 1

Open your browser. In the address bar type the default IP address of your router or modem. Default IP is usually


Type one of the ip address in your browser’s address bar. This will open a new page that asks for user id and password, by default the

  • user id is – admin
  • password is – “admin” or “password” or it is empty.

Type in the credentials and click login.

Step 2

  • You are now on the router page.
  • Remember all router pages are different, so you will have to navigate through the page to fin the password. For general
  • Go to the wireless section, This section contains your password for WiFi.

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