Jumpers – What is a Jumper

A jumper is a very short circuit mostly present on the printed circuit board. A jumper is used to close, open, on or off the electronic circuit of a printed circuit board. Jumpers have been used since the beginning of the printed circuit boards. Jumpers were used by technicians to switch the circuit on the motherboard or any printed circuit board.

Design of a jumper

Two or more very small pins called as jumper pins are placed near to each other. An appropriately sized shunt conductor that can fit into these pins and provides a medium for current to pass from one pin to the other is called as a jumper or sometimes also called as a shunt jumper. Jumpers are electrically conducting and are usually covered with plastic so that the can be used conveniently and this also prevents any short circuit with other wires in a computer case.

Use of jumpers

In older computers, cpu speed and voltage settings were made with the help of setting of jumpers. Now the jumpers have been used in setting up the ATA drives. Though their use is declining with the use of SATA drives.

If jumper is ON and attached to two pins it is also called as closed jumper. If jumper is attached to only one pin or no pin at all, then it is called as open jumper.

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